Exibits Main Photo

Steam punk bracelet
We currently have on display Daniel Proulx's jewelry on display. We have a number of items that include bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and some of his sculptures. Stop by when you can because we only have them on display for our first 6 months.


steampunk drawing
Throughout our museum we have some drawing and painting along the walls. Come hear the story behind them with one of our tour guides.


Steampunk crab sculture
Someone was kind enough to donate some steampunk sculptures to our museum. Come check them out. They will be hear year round or until we get something cooler.


steampunk prosthetic
Right now we have some nice attire pieces that are on loan to us for a while. Stop on out to see what artist are using to create such pieces.


Steampunk Computer
Some of steampunk is about repurposing old things into steampunk art. We have an entire collection of just this. Everyday items that have been transformed into steampunk.