Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first
— Wendy Piersall

Backlinks: Part 1

This is going to be a two part article about how to use backlinks in articles to get better ranking in search engine results.


When I was trying to find information about backlinks I just typed in the search bar “backlinks seo”. The first four results were paid backlinks and after reading some of the articles that came up it seemed a bit sketchy, kind of like when buying a used car.


We are going to go over a few ways that may help you get good backlinks and why it’s important to have quality backlinks.



A backlink is a link that is placed on another site that links to your site. Whether this is a mention in an article or a link left in a comment. In relation to SEO, backlinks are essentially votes from other sites in the popularity contest for search engine recognition. Each backlink you have from another site is one more vote specifying how cool your site is.


Back to when I searched “backlinks seo”, I got a lot of results for paid backlinks. You may be thinking “Well that’s good right? You will get a lot of backlinks without having to do a lot of work.” Well, not quite. Having a lot of backlinks is important but whats more important is having quality backlinks. Quality backlinks are links from sites that have good reputation and the content is somewhat related to your content in your site.


When you buy backlinks and your site is new, you get thousands of backlinks within a few weeks and you could get blacklisted. Some search engines look at this spike in backlinks as unnatural.


So now that we have talked about why not to use the paid backlink sites, lets talk about how to get choice backlinks.



Some of these are hard to get onto if your article isn’t unique. That brings me to another party foul. Spinning. I’m not talking about the dance; I’m talking about spinning articles. “What’s spinning?” you ask. Spinning is taking an article you wrote putting it into a program and it rewrites it for you. There are a few of these services out there, but I recommend you stay away from these unless you really know what your doing.


The reason people want to spin an article is so they can make as many articles out of a few articles and as little time as possible. The problem is, if it isn’t done well enough then the article directories won’t look at them as unique and it won’t be accepted.


Now that we have talked about how to write the content, part two of this article will talk about what to do with your written content.

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