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Grit is an adventure guide company that not only shows you spectacular journeys to exquisite places but also will show you how to experience it. Grit educates people and families in the outdoor skills like how to pack your backpack, how to start a fire, how to get safe drinking water and other survival techniques.


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We have done all the footwork and found the right trails for you and your family. These trails have great overlooks and come in a variety of lengths in difficulty. All of our trail are hand picked by our professionals and can be matched appropriately on the needs on your family.


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Our guides have a vast knowledge and an immense amount of patience. When you enroll your family and yourselves into our classes you not only learn the "how", but you also learn the "what if" as in "what if that option fails ". They explain how to do something and then will observe you during the process and will be handy for any questions.

Lady portrait

Name: Alice

Favorite Activity: Rock Climbing

Favorite Park: Yellow Stone

Favorite Color: Blue

Teaches: Fire Building, Gear Essentials, Constructing a Shelter

Guides: Day Hikes, Camping

guy portrait

Name: Steven

Favorite Activity: Mountain Biking

Favorite Park: Shenandoah

Favorite Color: Green

Teaches: Fire Building, Knot Making, Gear Essentials,
Camp side dinner

Guides: Day Hikes, Camping, Backpacking