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What's it For?

Ok. So you have a hand rake. What all can you use it for? Yeah you could use it as a weapon if those moles come attaching but lets try and think about gardening.

Here is a list of things that the hand rake can be used for.

  • Breaking up hard soil
  • Aerating soil
  • Weeding
  • Fending off killer moles

If you have more ideas that you have come accross let us know.

Fresh Survey

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Hand rake

Digging In

Tire of getting dirt under your nails? How about the backbreaking work of digging up the ground? Why not use a hand rake? It can make your gardening go much better.

Dirty Hands

The hand rake is very useful for getting into those small or delicate places. When looking for a hand rake make sure you get a sturdy well constructed one. You could always get the plastic ones but those are inexpensive for a reason, they break easy and are meant to be throw away rakes, and that’s just not to good for the environment.

What you want to look for is one with strong prongs, preferably a good strong metal. You also want to look at the handle and how the rake is attached to the handle. If you get a rake with a poorly designed handle, then the handle may break or even just separate, rendering the rake useless.

Full Rake

You could always get the larger rakes too, but they don’t get into those small corners of the garden and you can’t use them for gardening out of pots. The larger rakes are good for the vegetable garden or for around large objects, maybe when you’re first planting your garden.